When it comes to service, our goal is to provide you with the best service and keeping your equipment in top operating condition is just part of our service. With the combination of resources, dedicated and highly responsive people, make us the most preferable choice.

365 days a year and round the clock, we are just one call away and our service professional will initiate a quick response that will have your equipment working efficiently and dependably again. Regardless of the location of your equipment, we are never far away.

Through a continuous training program and extensive on site experience, our technicians are able to provide the best preventive maintenance, trouble shooting and to identify quickly and precisely the root cause of any technical failure.

Repairing, modernizing and replacing your elevator and escalator in due time is part of a complete maintenance service. This is the way and only way to ensure your equipment remains usable, valuable in long term and cost effective. We only replace or modernize the part that really needed or due to ‘old age’.

Out tailor made preventive maintenance programs available for you will ensure the service provided is reliable, smooth, safe equipment operation and availability of spare parts. Every our technician provides with checks, preventive actions, methods and spare parts to guarantee the best quality maintenance for your equipment and deliver results in everything we do.