Why Fuji


Main FUJI Standard Features

All landing doors are Stainless Steel, 1.5 mm thickness and 2100mm height.

All car finishes are isolated and insulated with  Stainless Steel, 1.2 mm thickness and 2400mm height.

Suspended Decorative Stainless Steel Ceiling with Indirect LEDs Lighting

The Display shows whether the lift is Inspection Mode, Full Load, Overload, Faults, and Floors, etc.

The versatile door safety device re-opens closing doors immediately when the full height infrared beam is interrupted. The doors will automatically close again after re-opening. Our standard type is a multiple beam infrared safety rays, which cover the full height   of the car doors incorporated into door safety edge.

Fuji Lifts has at least 2 blower vents to provide a perfect airflow circulation inside the cabin.

The elevator car can be called to the main floor to be shut off and regain the normal service automatically by the key switch located at the Hall Push Button faceplate.

When the building’s fire or smoke detectors are activated or the switch on the supervisory panel (optional) is activated all calls will be cancelled and all the elevators will immediately travel to the main lobby and park there with the doors fully opened. However, the electrical signal that indicates the actuation of the fire sensors must be supplied to the elevator controllers by others.

For Fireman Behavior (EN81-73).

This function makes the elevator act as exclusive travel which overlooks all  the landing calls and the automatic door opening and closing will be blocked.

When the car load has exceeded 80% of the rated load or capacity of the elevator, the elevator will automatically ignore all the hall calls in the direction of service and respond to in car registration only. This saves time, electricity, as well as increase the life time of the brakes, door operator, etc.

If the passenger realizes that wrong button was pushed and registered at the car-operating panel, cancellation of this call can be done by Double Clicking on the wrong floor to cancel the registered call.

All car calls will be automatically cancelled to avoid unnecessary stops caused by registration of nuisance car calls when the number of car calls registered doesn’t collerate with the carload.

In case of Emergency, Hold and Press the Telephone Button for 3 seconds and it will automatically call a programmed emergency land line for rescue.

The lift is provided with a three way very clear intercom system located in the cabin, machine room cabinet, and pit.

FUJI Optional Features